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How are we helping?

COVID-19 is spreading across the globe at an unprecedented speed. Because the virus spreads from person-to-person contact, it is imperative that all healthcare systems are provided with the necessary supplies to treat patients and to stop the spread of the virus.

Without these critical supplies, healthcare providers cannot safely and effectively treat infected patients, which heightens the risk of spreading the virus. Your donation will directly support people in places where coronavirus cases have been reported and where these supplies can help the most.

Our mission is to connect as many 3d printers in the nation, have them produce PPE units in the most sufficient and effective way and essentially, creating one the largest 3d printing assembly lines for hospital relief!

Please note: Homemade PPE items do not guarantee protection against transmission of any diseases, but there is significant data to support the use of physical barriers to reduce transmission of airborne droplets, which can infect you with respiratory viruses. Commercially available PPE items meet regulatory guidelines, but homemade PPE items may not. Due to variability of materials and construction, these PPE items’ safety or effectiveness for personal protection is not proven and cannot be assumed. Thank you and best wishes.

Meet the team

Who we are!

We are a group of dedicated volunteers seeking to help out in a way possible. From 3D Printing professionals and enthusiasts, Donors, Software Product Managers, Web Developers, UX/UI Designers, Marketing Strategists, Connect The Dotters, Data Scientists, Serial Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Content managers and more!

How it works

You purchase a "micro job" of your choice

We assign the job to a hospital in need

100's of 3D printers get to work

Hospital receives relief resources

100% of your purchase goes to create items for hospitals in need

Made With Love in Brooklyn N.Y.C

By Jonathan Aquarone & Jessica Omofezi

Contact: Jonathan.Relevium@gmail.com