Bringing People Together

Connecting hundreds of 3D printers and donors for hospital relief

How The 3D Printers Stay Busy

The 3D Printing Production Line

3D Printed Halo's

The 3D printers will produce the halo unit. The plastic protective sheet is then attached to the halo unit.

Production Capacity Goal

Help donate so that the 3D printer can reach it's production capacity goal.

Production Capacity Control

Once the 3D printer reaches production capacity, it is then taken off the production line.

Next In Line

A new 3D printer is added to the production line until it reaches production capacity.

Help Keep The 3d Production Line Bussy

Can print 25 more

Can print 35 more

100% of your purchase goes to create items for hospitals in need

News / Updates!


Web Site is Up and Running!

After a few rounds of user testing and feed back, its safe to say that the site is ready for the world to use. Thanks to everyones user feed back! Special thanks to Jessica Omofezi our amazing Creative Director & Lead Designer for helping us out with the Branding, UX/UI

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Our 1st Prototype!

3D Printed Halo Unit Plastic Sheet Assembled! We have finally assembled a prototype! Thanks to Collin, our 3D printing tech lead for getter done so quickly! Thanks to Leonard Aquarone and Ariel Goldstein who have kindly donated to us in order to obtain the 3D printing filament and the plastic

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Made With Love in Brooklyn N.Y.C

By Jonathan Aquarone & Jessica Omofezi